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Rich Money Rat Club image
Rich Money Rat Club image

Rich Money Rat Club

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About Rich Money Rat Club

A limited collection consisting of 10 NFTs.

The collection consists of 10 VIP tickets with the numbers indicated on the art itself. This art is handmade by the artist on a graphics tablet, which already has artistic value. The VTRMRC NFT ownership privileges will be spelled out in a standalone smart contract on the ETH blockchain using the ERC-721 protocol.


  1. Earliest access to NFT RMRC acquisition
  2. Opportunity to purchase 3 NFTs from each Mint wave(100 pieces each) of the Rich Money Rat Club collection
  3. 50% off the public price
  4. Opportunity to receive "Roadmap #1" art as a gift(to be raffled off among NFT owners VTRMRC).
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