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TrapMonkie image


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About TrapMonkie

TrapMonkie™ is an upcoming streetwear brand and digital wearable project focused on providing a platform and community for artist to thrive in. Over 100 unique creatives have been involved in the network and have taken part in our original genesis collection. 

The TrapMonkie™ collection will contain a community owned vault directly managed by holders through a DAO voting system. Multi-sig transparency for all transactions. Pledging 20% of all initial sales and 73% of all royalties to this effort. 

With TrapMonkie™ you get more then a NFT, you get to match your TrapMonkie™ with our already established streetwear. Personal and Commercial IP Rights & Ownership. Voting rights in our community DAO, where holders have full control of the over all direction of the TrapMonkie™ brand.

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