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Almost a year ago, we embarked on a daring project. After months of hard work, juggling between the business plan and our respective jobs, talking to a lot of people, and conducting extensive research, we now have a substantial project that we will bring to life together. The starting point was simple: we aimed to mine cryptocurrencies from the comfort of our homes. However, challenges were abundant, ranging from the costly management of electricity to hardware expenses. We also knew that we were not the only ones with this pain point. That's when we decided to cross borders, venturing into a country with optimal conditions, where mining costs would be minimal, and profitability would be maximized. Today, with immense pride, we introduce you to TheMinerz, a significant project where you invest in a mining farm optimized to have low direct costs. Owning an NFT means owning a share of our farm, and you will earn monthly revenue based on your % share. In other words, you can mine without the hassles associated with mining at home, such as high electricity costs and heavy investments in hardware for significant results. Over a challenging year, we have built a small community, and some chose to leave because it was too long. We are now ready and focused on launching the project with the community, complete with a new logo and brand name. Welcome to our journey at TheMinerz, where mining becomes a shared experience. Each NFT holds a unique story of success and innovation.

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