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the Party Spud Club image
the Party Spud Club image

the Party Spud Club

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About the Party Spud Club

We are 888 happy NFTs made from living Spuds but since we love to make friends we might become more over time.
We are all original, handdrawn pictures with our very own character partying on the Ethereum blockchain.
Do you like to PARTY?
Would you love to be invited as VIP to TOMORROWLAND, the biggest party in the world?
Do you like to meet AMAZING people online and become REAL FRIENDS at our 5 yearly REAL LIFE PARTIES?
Are you looking for a project that gives you much PASSIVE INCOME to pay for those parties and trips or even allow you to quit your dayjob?
Then THE PARTY SPUD CLUB is what you’ve been looking for!
We are the bridge between Web3 and real life parties and utility.
We are thé reference in partying worldwide, online and in real life!!!
We are here to stay and we will revolutionise the way people like you can experience the NFT world and the metaverse.

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