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Spendee NFT image
Spendee NFT image

Spendee NFT

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About Spendee NFT

Spendee NFT brings the world of traditional finance and crypto finance together. Spendee is an award-winning financial app that helps over 3,000,000 users track their finances, get insights about their financial overview and increase their financial literacy.

We have conquered the world of traditional finance and we want to connect this world to new digital asset classes such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

All token holders are able to unlock the Premium version of the current app and also the upcoming Spendee Crypto and NFT apps. They also get VIP Support and more things to come… check our website to learn more about our crypto future!

Spendee is on a mission to increase financial literacy around the world and help people lead a life without stress when it comes to finances.

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