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About SkullClub

RadRugs certified with a security score of 94! 

3333 Skullies living on the Solana blockchain. 

With one of the most generous rewards programmes you’ll find anywhere and an open and active development team, SkullClub aims to be Solana’s most transparent project. 

Generation 1
Centrered around our vision of building a dedicated community through a generous rewards programme. 
50% of minting proceeds are to be allocated to fund the programme with both crypto tokens and NFT’s given away to our members. Assuming a sell out, this amounts to 550 SOL. 
PLUS 50% of royalties will be airdropped to holders on a weekly basis with a further 40% of royalties paid to players of our mini P2E game. 

Generation 2
An experienced game developer has been onboarded to develop a premium built-from-scratch P2E game. Details and initial framework of this game has alreay been shared with the community. This is available to view on our YouTube channel. 

The SkullClub team believes in doxing and has therefore doxed both publicly and by utilising a third-party doxing service.

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