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Shiba Gangs | Free Mint image

Shiba Gangs | Free Mint

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About Shiba Gangs | Free Mint

Shiba Gangs NFT Collection – an exciting new project that’s sure to catch the attention of dog lovers and NFT enthusiasts alike! This unique collection features 8888 NFTs of Shiba dogs, and the best part? They’re all Free Mint!
We know that many NFT collections come with big promises and grand roadmaps, but that’s not what we’re about. We believe in being transparent and honest with our community, which is why we’re not making any promises that we can’t keep. Our goal is simply to deliver amazing artwork and to build a strong, engaged community that can help us continue to grow the project if we’re successful in our sales.
By offering these NFTs for free, we’re giving everyone the opportunity to join in on the excitement and potential of this project. We’re confident that the value of these NFTs will rise, and we want everyone to be a part of that journey.
At Shiba Gangs, we’re all about the dogs! Our Shiba NFTs are beautifully designed and capture the unique personalities of these lovable pups. We’re excited to see them become a part of people’s collections and to be a part of the wider NFT community.
So, join us on this exciting journey as we bring the world of Shiba dogs to the world of NFTs. Let’s build a strong, engaged community and see where this project takes us!
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Just register on:
🔗Official Link:
– Twitter:
🎟️About Mint:
– Mint Date: April 16th (13:00 UTC)
– Mint Price for Pre-sale: FreeMint
– Supply: 8,888
– Network: Ethereum
– DTC (Direct to Contract)

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