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Satanic Skulls image
Satanic Skulls image

Satanic Skulls

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About Satanic Skulls

What are Satanic Skulls NFTs?

Inspired by the "Afterlife Theory", when people die, then just remain their bones and skulls, and all we know this will happen in our lives that we will ever die, but again in years we live, we are jealous, glutton, have tampions, we bother each other, and etc.

Satanic Skulls is an exclusive hand-drawn collection of dead men with skulls wearing 30 type of clothes that's takes from jobs, created on the Ethereum blockchain, blended with extraordinary design and artistic touches.

Project Purpose? We aim to raise awareness of being alive by combining death results with blockchain technology with hiding some symbols on our NFTs to inspire people to live when they are alive.

What makes Satanic Skulls Unique ? The most important feature of our collection, which makes a difference with our design style and project, is that the NFTs produced can have personalized NFTs, either belonging to a self-portrait or a portrait of the person after death with ,by creating designs that are completely determined by the person in his life time.

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