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About Roostville

Roostville, a daring NFT project that intends to bring together those of us who share a common vision of unity, commitment, and respect for one another. As it is in a motorcycle brotherhood - same into the crypto game. We’ve all experienced the rollercoaster of winning and losing in life. Whether you get through disapproval, division, hate, here is the place you’ll find your comrades. A true, loyal brotherhood.

The belief of the team behind Roostville is “Don’t fear to ride, fear not living.” We don’t fear the crypto world, we ride it like a motorcycle.

We value a good investment, not a 5 - minute NFT flipping. This way, everyone who shares the same beliefs, will build, support and grow the Roostville brotherhood.

Roostville is a story-telling project based on a scenario that shows a contradictory life, family ties, and toxic love. Each NFT unlocks a unique Rooster character, but everyone will have the chance to mint one of the gems of this collection - the Joker.

Roostville is created by hotheads who love risk and want to do something bold and innovative. Our mission is to ride towards respect, unity, and brotherhood. The time is now.

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