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ROOR Hangtag Collection image
ROOR Hangtag Collection image

ROOR Hangtag Collection

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About ROOR Hangtag Collection

ROOR is more than a collection of digital sneakers. Nostalgia, identity and lifestyle are the core elements of ROOR. Reimagining the best brands of the past, ROOR is a digitally native platform for sneakerheads, streetwear and high fashion. Through an innovative approach we are integrating technology to close the gap between creators and collectors, build interactive experiences, and push the boundaries of fashion.
ROOR produces bespoke apparel, physical / digital collectibles, and high-end merchandise. Connect with your favorite creators, wear your fits in-game, and forge your grails physically. Merging physical and digital worlds, we curate novel experiences ranging from content to in-real-life events with the power of storytelling.
The ROOR Hangtag collection is a metaverse ready, 3D model project built on the Ethereum blockchain. Owning a Hangtag will grant you access to opportunities and experiences IRL and digitally. Hangtags are the genesis collection and center of our ecosystem from which all physical products, digital collectibles, experiences, and access to our network branch from.
We are raffling 500 bespoke physical items & 10 IRL four day sneaker classes to learn how to build your own sneaker from sole up.
The following items are raffled off every 500 Hangtags minted. Total rewards are applied to all 5000 pieces with 10 raffles occurring.
What does a HT get you? ?
Access ➡️ collective of artists/creators/partners, network & ROOR platform (?️‍♂️?)
ROOR Campus??️
Origin Series ?
Future digital/physical ? Exclusive activations/raffles
? blockchain wearables & Physical Backed Token
E-Sports Team Dao
*Mint price will be announced prior to the drop*

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