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Project Atama

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About Project Atama

Atama WWII Boxes MINT
Are you ready for war? The Atama team has been at work for months to deliver something really dope to the NFT space / Atama ecosystem. There’s a few really important reasons we are doing this mint/airdrop for holders which will make sense after we mint
The Soldiers of Web3 role is a WL for our Atama WWII boxes. Happy for all of you to be involved! We do not plan on over allocating this WL
Supply / Allocation:
– Total supply of the Atama WWII boxes will be in the range of 2,500
– All Atama holders will be airdropped an Atama WWII box after mint (666)
– Mint supply to Soldiers of Web3 roles will be anywhere around 1,734
– We will reserve 100 boxes for team members and community wallet
All Atama holders may also get a WL on top of the Airdrop. OG Atama Holders will receive an extra WL on top of the Airdrop to the collection.
Mint Price
– Mint price will be 0.08eth

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