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About Popits

Popits is here to change the hybrid NFT game. and to do that we have some cool things that make us different including:

  • Lore infused IP: With popits we love to experiment and test new things, that is why we are infusing lore into our IP and building an entire story line into our NFTs. Where in normal NFTs rarity is based on traits, in popits it is based on factions and characters where each one has its own story behind it. The cooler the story, the rarer the NFT!
  • LP protocol: Popits is introducting the first LP protocol built on the SPL404 standard. With this protocol Popits will be able to able to improve the hybrid NFT scene and make it easier for anyone launching a hybrid project in the future.
  • Community: Popits has a wonderful community that is backed by true believers. The moment that you are part of the community you are getting a ton of exclusive benefits from our side.
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