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Pixel Ape Punks Club image

Pixel Ape Punks Club

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About Pixel Ape Punks Club

What is PixelAPC?

PixelAPC is a community built by those who believe pixel art is a culture and is a collection of 1.111 unique ape punks.

Creators' Background

PixelAPC was founded by three friends named David, Alex and Paul, who have been producing content on Web3 for about 4 years. David works as a social media manager and has previously participated in many successful projects. Alex owns the artwork for the PixelAPC NFTs, as well as the artwork for countless sold out projects. Paul is the sales executive and CEO of Pixel Ape Punks Club.

Our Mission

Pixel Ape Punks Club was founded by those who believe that pixel art is a culture and will exist forever, to ensure that Polygon collections regain their former popularity. 

Our Vision

Our goal is to literally leave our mark on the Polygon blockchain. As our trade volume increases, we have many big dreams, from gifting PixelAPC printed t-shirts to our investors to PixelAPC concerts, and we need you to make these dreams come true. We are aware that this is not easy, but we believe that we will succeed. We thank you in advance for supporting us on this long journey.

The strongest bond between the investor and the creator is trust, we are aware of this and, unlike other projects, we want to earn together with our community. If you want to be a part of this great community, buy an Pixel Ape Punk now and join us!

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