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Notorious Pigeonz image
Notorious Pigeonz image

Notorious Pigeonz

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About Notorious Pigeonz

Introducing: Notorious Pigeonz NFT Launching on December 12, 2023, Notorious Pigeonz is more than just a unique digital collectible. It offers an entry point to a large video game universe where the nostalgia of old-school gaming integrates seamlessly with modern web3 technology. Forget about in-game microtransactions; in this interconnected world, your actions have consequences that shape a journey uniquely tailored to you. Community-Centric Development: The Pigeon Coop or CO-OP We're not just creating a game; we're pioneering a new way to experience gaming. Our community-driven approach enables members to contribute to the development of different video games, elements. NOTORIOUS PIGEONZ

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