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Natsume Wave image
Natsume Wave image

Natsume Wave

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About Natsume Wave

Natsume Wave is a 10K unique collectible of strawberries 

stored on the Ethereum blockchain  

A community-driven, ambitious and eccentric collectibles project of unique strawberries. Natsume Wave will appear in an aesthetic spectrum of traits, colors and sizes with a collection size of 10,000. 

Each Natsume Wave allows its owner to receive 1 Ichigo Miruku, an NFT that will also be tradable on the Ethereum blockchain. Ichigo Miruku means “Strawberry Milk” in japanese. This NFT collection will allow users to access WL, airdrops and merch early on in other special anime and manga themed NFT projects. Holding an Ichigo Miruku will grant holders a special airdrop in the future from the 2nd wave. All activity will be paid for by the Natsume Wave Community Treasury.

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