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About Myros

Myros is a 4,444 supply pfp collection on the Solana blockchain. We are partnering with the Magic Eden launchpad for this collection because of their commitment and tenure to the success of Solana NFTs. This is a completely free mint with some raffle phases as well as over 25 1/1s that will be raffled post-mint.

The Myro brand is intended to be a fun-loving and pawsitive interpretation of our favorite childhood fantasies. Myros NFT is a content-driven brand following and highlighting the mischievous adventures of Solana's goodest boy, Myro. Follow along Myro's imaginative story telling as he journeys through the various dreamscapes he has created on his Adventure Map.

More than just digital content, the Myro brand will also positively support the $MYRO and Solana ecosystem and continue doing our part to grow a reputable and relatable brand that is unforgettable and undeniably cute.

Yesterday he was a pirate sailing the seven seas, today he is a Viking exploring the Great Doggo Cliffs.

Where and who will he be tomorrow? Most importantly, will you come along?

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