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About MetaDucks

It’s early January of the year 2777, human existence as we once knew it has failed to survive a massive SOL-AR flare that struck Earth’s Pacific Ocean. The only living organisms alive to evolve are dense vegetation in South America, and genetically modified Ducklings that were a part of an experiment gone wrong…

The experiment improved a Ducklings cognitive ability by more than 793%, and as the Duckling’s matured their ability to speak, and have true human-like desires such as establishing civilization became a priority. In just a decade the population had tripled to 5,555 Ducks, requiring a means of governance & expansion to take precedence, the Duck’s formed infrastructure around “The Duck Pond” a Metaverse where civilization would establish an economy through P2E gaming.

In doing so a nation was born… Meta Ducks, a society founded on the idea of leveling the socioeconomic playing field. The Meta Ducks thrived delegating Duckweed as the Duck Pond’s currency, each Duck given the opportunity to earn through their contributions, and participation in the P2E gaming integration.

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