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Meta Triads

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About Meta Triads

Own Clothing Brands in 3 Worlds

The First Marketplace Uniting All 3: Metaverse, AR & Physical World.

? What are Meta Triads?

Meta Triads are a collection of 10,000 unique ERC721 standard tokens that bring real-life utilities and passive income through project shareholding.

Triads consist of 3,333 Humans, 3,333 Hybrids, and 3,333 Humanoids. Plus 1 very special Triad which does not belong to any race and will be revealed at the end.

The project is developing an aggregator marketplace, where fashion and apparel brands will be able to create their real-life collection AR and Metaverse. Meta Triads NFT holders will hold the shares of the marketplace and earn in native token TRIA$ every time a sale is made.

Global apparel market value just in 2020 was 1.5 Trillion and is expected to grow to 2.25 Trillion in 2025. Triads are developing the first marketplace, helping the industry to digitally adapt to Metaverse, which has a predicted CAGR of 45% (Compound Annual Growth Rate) indicating the huge potential of the marketplace.

The fully doxxed team behind the project has huge experience in tech Startups and already raised more than $450K in the seed phase with an evaluation of $5,000,000.

? Benefits and Utilities

Earning Profit

Profit shares from 3 Markets. Each NFT holder will receive income from the first one-stop fashion marketplace for all 3 worlds: Real, AR, and Metaverse – Integrated with each other.

Exclusive Access

Getting exclusive early access on limited fashion drops, that can be sold before official launches. Holders will have the upper hand on all collections.

Joining Tribunal

By becoming one of the founders of Triads, holders will receive votes in the Tribunal / DAO. Becoming a community-managed project.

Coin Airdrops

Meta Triads NFT holders will be airdropped 9 TRIA$ Per Day. Tria$ – ERC20 standard token will have a future utility on the marketplace by being the main currency of the ecosystem.

NFT Breeding & Airdrops

By holding at least 2 Triads, holders will be able to breed a new Gen Δ (Delta) in the parallel universe. Mutating to Gen Delta, holders will be airdropped by new Gen NFTs.

? Triadmap – The Vision

Thinking ahead and planning for the strong valuation, Meta Triads will be also launched in both Decentraland and Sandbox to increase tradability and value.

Then watch out for their merchandise in stores, marketed through an innovative metaverse-AR-brick-and-mortar integration to redefine the one-stop-shop experience.

This robust investor’s package makes Meta Triads one of the most potentially gainful NFT launches available in the niche.

Presale price: 0.09 ETH
Public sale price: 0.18 ETH

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