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Lucky Green Witch image
Lucky Green Witch image

Lucky Green Witch

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About Lucky Green Witch

Lucky Green Witch is a collection of 10000 unique witches. You can get a witch for free (free mint) and if you want to have it even more unique, you can purchase one of the nine unique medallions. Each one can be sold only once. Once purchased, you can transfer the medallion between your witches or sell it separately.

Each witch has unique DNA strand, which will be used to do some magic in the next phase of the project. What magic? Probably do broomstick races, stay tuned.

We will distribute witches between users. Each user can mint maximum of 5 of them for free. As each witch has unique DNA, this will be used to do broomstick races between witches. User can submit witch to a race (only one) and winner get a unique badge. Other people (non witch owners) could be able to bet on the winner.

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