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Lonely Stoner Dude image
Lonely Stoner Dude image

Lonely Stoner Dude

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About Lonely Stoner Dude

Lonely Stoner Dude (LSD) Collective is a collection of 10,420 NFTs – a unique digital collectibles pushing the limits of reality on the Ethereum Blockchain. Your Lonely Stoner Dude is the NFT that keeps on giving. Not only will you get a dope-ass avatar, but you will also be a part of an active community of like minded people, with the dankiest drops in the NFT and Cannabis world.

The Lonely Stoner Dude Collective will be launched in 4 collection drops. Each drop will entitle its holders for special privileges and access, with early supporters getting the highest ranking of access and influence over the project direction and future.

OG Drop – Collection Size: 50 – Mint Date: April 20th

Hustlers Drop – Collection Size: 150 – Mint Date: TBA

Blazers Drop – Collection Size: 800 – Mint Date: TBA

Tokers Drop – Collection Size: 9420 – Mint Date: TBA

The first 50 LSD holders will be awarded a permanent OG status. They will automatically be whitelisted for all future drops and get a free airdrop with every collection release. They will also have their dedicated lounge area, and we will always include you and take your feedback to help us shape the project’s future. There will be a role with specified privileges and access to unique perks for each drop.

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