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Keroverse NFT image

Keroverse NFT

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About Keroverse NFT

KeroVerse NFT provides its holders with a fully dedicated ecosystem that offers both high utility and revenue streams for its members and community. Holders will have access to 3 Generations of KEROBOTS, each with its own set of utilities. By owning any generation of KEROBOTS, holders gain access to the KERODAO – the governance body of the Keroverse Ecosystem.

The KeroVerse IncuPad (Incubator and Launchpad for Solana NFT Projects) is an all-in-one solution for Creators to launch their collection from Art Generation to Community Building & Marketing to Personalized Mint. The Incupad will have a weekly revenue sharing model of 70% with 50% for Holders in Payouts & 20% reserved for the DAO. Creators that HODL KEROBOTS will receive discounts and there are NO Secondary Fees applicable for any launch.

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