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About Karamendos

What is Karamendos?

Karamendos is an upcoming NFT project on the Solana Blockchain that will act as the funding arm of Automatio while yielding various benefits to holders.

Why was the Karamendos NFT collection created?

The Karamendos NFT collection will enable Automatio to scale the business and provide various features to its target audience (such as free trials) in order to allow more people to have access to a powerful no-code web automation tool for various purposes. It will also assist in the development of new features and help the project focus on growth (marketing).

How will Moonly Holders benefit within the Karamendos ecosystem?

As our treasured supporters of Moonly (our Web3 NFT analytics and search engine platform) holders of our Moonly NFTs can expect proprietary access to the Karamendos mint (including a guaranteed WL spot) at discounted rates based on the number of Moonly NFTs held per wallet. Moonly holders will also be eligible for a free airdrop of a Karamendos NFT. More details will be announced in the near future.

What is Automatio?

Automatio is a no-code web automation tool designed to enhance online productivity and workflow by enabling users to obtain, extract, and utilize large amounts of data automatically. Think of Automatio as “the Father of Moonly”.

Why was Automatio created?

Automatio was created to solve some of the problems its creator, Stefan Smiljkovic, faced when coding. The aim of Automatio was to streamline and automate repetitive coding tasks in order to save time and facilitate the completion of other tasks whilst eliminating the need to endure the process of hiring developers to carry out the necessary work.

Is Automatio an established company?

Yes, Automatio is a real world company legally based in Estonia. The project is currently in use by various companies worldwide and has generated over $100,000 in revenue to date.

Do I need coding knowledge to use Automatio effectively?

No, Automatio does not require any prior coding knowledge. The actions performed by the automation bot are controlled through a series of prompts, making it accessible to users without coding expertise.

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