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JIFFraffe image


0.75 SOL
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About JIFFraffe

🦒 About Project:

💰 Mint Price: 0.75 SOL
💰 Whitelist Price: 0.5 SOL

📆 Mint date: 04/19/2024

💎 Supply: 5555

🌞 The events and holders chat are only available to holders. Get 1 Jiffraffe through minting or secondary markets to join us! Be sure to have at least 1 Jiffraffe on your wallet in the moment you join in any event. As your Jiffraffe is your ticket to join in every event, you should use it’s ID to join in every event. Setting the wrong ID in event registration may result in rewarding another holder if you win the event competition.

🧨 Right after sold out, we’re gonna be using 80% of primary sales to sweep some collection’s floors. Those NFTs swepts are gonna be held in the deployer’s wallet. Most of them (aprox 90%) will be the rewards for each contest and event that we’re throwing. Few of them will be left on deployer’s wallet until it values more, to then be sold and sweep more floors, repeating all the process.

⏱ When we are close to the opening of an event or there are events going on, there will be available channel with each event’s name. Sometimes you’ll need to hurry to get into them!

🎊 Every event will have it’s own rules so be sure to READ THEM before playing/joining and also to get your reward (GOOD LUCK FOLKS!!).

🧨 Every day we will have a giveaway for all holders. So stay tuned, we can announce this at any time!

🪐 Some events like: Crab Games, Fall Guys, Cooking, RunPropRun, Duck Race, Fortnite, Tetris and others.

🔰 Everyone who holds the NFTs from 1 to 1000 (ID) gets special role. This means you can join in special giveaways and participate in exclusive events!

💡 80% of the secondary sales are used to sweep what holders asks for. We aim to build a snapshot + proposal channel to vote which floors should we sweep.

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