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Frog Squat Club image
Frog Squat Club image

Frog Squat Club

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About Frog Squat Club

The Frog Squat Club is a collection of 10,000 uniquely created Slav Squatting Frog NFTs— unique digital collectibles squatting on the Ethereum blockchain. The Squatterz are a homage to internet and meme culture and its evolution into Web3 and beyond. Each NFT is a pixelated symphony weaving together the undeniable cultural power of the Frog and the legendary Slav Squat into one. By merging the two most iconic memes on the planet, FSC is bringing nothing short of raw memetic alpha to the blockchain. No presales, no private whitelists, just true community and memes. Read more about our utility - The Frog Trinity - here:

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