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Forgotten Runes Warrior Guild image
Forgotten Runes Warrior Guild image

Forgotten Runes Warrior Guild

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About Forgotten Runes Warrior Guild

Swords and Sorcery. Might and Magic. Wizards and Warriors.

The Forgotten Runes Wizards Guild is a collection of 16,000 Warriors coming to the Runiverse.

We’re building a Runiverse MMORPG Game (30+ fulltime team) and we’re developing a show with Titmouse Animation (Big Mouth, Midnight Gospel). The Warriors will be playable in the game and some characters will appear in the show.

Additionally, every Warrior will receive a 3D model, Commercial IP rights, and access to airdrops, IRL NFTNYC Party, exclusive Discord channels, and the best community in the space.

You can find the full details from the mint here:

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