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About Etherfishing

Etherfishing is a Free-2-Play, Play-2-Earn  Online  NFT  Fishing Game played in Seasons. Players play our interactive Game on Desktop or Mobile to take a chance at catching Etherfish or Golden Etherfish backed by hundreds, if not thousands of Enjin Coin. Even the normal NFTs are backed by a little Enjin Coin allowing for Real Price floors! Once players have Etherfish NFTs, they can use them to EARN in a variety of ways! Players can Breed them for more NFTs, “Eat” their other NFTs for bonuses as a deflationary tactic, Sell them on the market, or even set a price to Earn from other players! Our Roadmap is extensive and built for the players!

We also host fun Tournaments, Events, and Giveaways in our Discord(Fishcord) and we Donate to Save the Oceans!

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