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Doodle Women of Solana image
Doodle Women of Solana image

Doodle Women of Solana

2.5 SOL
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About Doodle Women of Solana

Doodle Women of Solana project is dedicated to help and encourage women from all around the world. DWoS are a 4,000 generated doodle NFTs, with 59 traits.

Roadmap v1 released – Initial donation of 165◎ – More than 1100◎ are planned for minting and staking giveaways – Strong marketing campaigns – DAO with up to 6000◎ of balance – Future plans ready to be approved by DAO – Merch! – Royalties and merch profit for holders in ◎

Minting Giveaways 1st : 10◎ 2nd : 7◎ 3rd : 5◎
4th to 30th : will share 30◎

Staking Giveaways 10 Blue Chip NFTs will be airdropped to 10 lucky staked DWoS owners

Mint 24th March 10pm
Whitelist 24th March 12pm

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