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Day Dreamerz image

Day Dreamerz

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About Day Dreamerz

Day Dreamerz is a collection that celebrates the aspirations and dreams of every child. Our project is built on the fundamental belief that every child has a unique dream that they want to achieve when they grow up. We are committed to keeping the magic of dreaming alive and creating a platform that fosters connections and shared passions among dreamers. Our community is dedicated to inspiring one another to turn their dreams into reality while celebrating the beauty of dreaming.
Our collection’s artwork is a stunning tribute to the vast array of dreams that people pursue, with over 1000+ unique traits and an artwork to represent each profession, whether they are artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, or innovators. We aim to create a community where everyone can connect and collaborate, fostering a space where individuals can learn from one another and grow together.
D-Connect is a decentralized platform thoughtfully designed by Day Dreamerz. Its purpose is to connect individuals from various professions and provide them with opportunities to share knowledge, collaborate, network, and earn reward tokens through their contributions to the platform. The utility uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized and transparent environment for users to create profiles that highlight their skills, experiences, areas of expertise, and more.
More detailed information about D-Connect can be found in our whitepaper.
Ordinal Dreamerz
Ordinal Dreamerz is a unique collection that features charming pixelated dreamerz, designed as a token of appreciation for our Day Dreamerz holders. Our main goal is to add value to the holders’ experience and protect their aspirations. All Ordinal Dreamerz holders will enjoy the same benefits and privileges in the Day Dreamerz ecosystem.
The minting of Ordinal Dreamerz will commence after the launch of our genesis collection “Day Dreamerz”. We will announce the date and time of the snapshot well in advance.
Every Day Dreamerz holder will receive a free mint of one Ordinal Dreamerz.
1x Day Dreamerz = 1x Ordinal Dreamerz Free Mint
While the Ordinal is still in its early stages, we have taken a community-oriented approach to the minting process. The minting process for Ordinal Dreamerz will take place on the ETH Chain and holders can claim their Ordinal NFT by burning their ETH NFT. Once the burning process is complete, the Ordinal Dreamerz NFT will be airdropped to holder. This streamlined process will make it easy for our community while holding their Day Dreamerz NFTs to obtaining their Ordinal Dreamerz NFTs.
We firmly believe that Ordinal Dreamerz will be an exciting addition to our ecosystem, and we are thrilled to bring this opportunity to our community.
For more detailed information on how Ordinal works, please visit our Discord Server.
Support Email: [email protected]

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