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DAO Avatar Moon Metaverse image

DAO Avatar Moon Metaverse

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About DAO Avatar Moon Metaverse

DAO Avatars are the Managing Board of Moonopolis  — the premier city in NFT Moon Metaverse. They are the key decision-makers on how this NFT Moon Metaverse works and its economy develops. DAO Avatars get access to 10+ sources of income and CLEVER management .perience – Create, Earn, Learn, Vote, Enjoy, Rule in the Metaverse.

Key Features:

Besides personalization experience, management privileges and vote rights, DAO Avatars get access to over 10 exclusive sources of income, in particular:

-ID Cards Sale. DAO members receive 30% income from the sale of Moonopolis City ID Cards and NFT Certificates.

-DAO Avatars Recrutement. After the first 2,000 Avatars sold, 30% of the remaining Avatars will be sent to the DAO who decides the direction of these funds.

-Royalties. 5% of the royalties from the resale of avatars will be sent to DAO Moonopolis.

-Creation and sale of new DAO Avatars. After 5,000 Avatars are sold, the DAO can make a decision and sell another 5,000 Avatars and send 40% of the income to the DAO.

-Income from projects across Metaverse. Within the city, you can come up with any place or type of activity, and part of the income from this location or business will be directed to the DAO.

Besides, before the rise of Moonopolis and launch of the NFT Moon Metaverse, owners of DAO Avatars can participate in sales of ID Cards for MoonWalkers – the inhabitants of the Metaverse.

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