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DaDai Space: Tier 1 image
DaDai Space: Tier 1 image

DaDai Space: Tier 1

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About DaDai Space: Tier 1

Welcome to DaDai Space: Your Gateway to a New Frontier!

Utility NFTs let you access crypto trading lessons and verified cryptocurrency trading signals with logs.

Embark on a one-of-a-kind journey through our exclusive NFT collection, where each digital character serves as your key to unlocking the mysteries of the crypto cosmos.

With a total of 3977 unique NFTs spread across nine tiers, there's a perfect tier for every intrepid explorer:

Tier 1 - 270 NFTs: 10 Matic
Tier 2 - 500 NFTs: 12.5 Matic
Tier 3 - 500 NFTs: 15 Matic
Tier 4 - 500 NFTs: 17.5 Matic
Tier 5 - 500 NFTs: 20 Matic
Tier 6 - 500 NFTs: 22.5 Matic
Tier 7 - 500 NFTs: 25 Matic
Tier 8 - 500 NFTs: 27.5 Matic
Tier 9 - 207 NFTs: 30 Matic

But these NFTs are not mere collectibles; they are your tickets to DaDai Space Academy, where you'll gain exclusive access to a universe of knowledge and tools to thrive in cryptocurrency markets.

Immerse yourself in a captivating metaverse narrative, where special NFTs weave an intricate storyline, offering glimpses into the secrets of the cosmos.

As a proud owner of a DaDai Space NFT, you'll also receive exclusive trading signals and lessons, providing invaluable insights to navigate the digital economy's ever-changing landscape. Stay ahead of the curve and seize new opportunities for growth and prosperity in your DaDai Control Room.

Join us as we shape the future of DaDai Space together. Don't miss your chance to claim your piece of this groundbreaking adventure.

Start your journey now and unlock the wonders that await within DaDai Space!

PS Giving away free DaDai Booklet Guide and signals here

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