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About CyberRide

What is the CyberRide?
CyberRide Gen-1 is a collection of unique 3D voxel rides designed to be your first ride in the Metaverse.
Each ride is uniquely generated based on hundreds of prototypes, attributes, materials, and color palettes. No two rides are the same.
All rides are in 3D Voxel format. Perfect for open-world games and the Metaverse.
Why Gen-1?
As the Metaverse evolves, CyberRide will evolve with it.
Gen-1 is the only generation of CyberRide with a 100% unlock rate for every future release.
From 3D voxel rides (Gen-1), we will evolve CyberRide to more futuristic and interactive CyberRide Generations (Gen-2, and eventually Gen-2077).
To preserve the unique history of CyberRide evolution, each Gen-1 ride will unlock one free Gen-N ride on every future CyberRide release.
What will you get?
Owning a Gen-1 CyberRide means you possess a unique ride for the Metaverse as well as a key to all future CyberRide Generations. The ride will also serve as a key to unlock exclusive benefits and offerings in the CyberRide community.
Owning a Gen-1 CyberRide will grant access to the following:
+High-Resolution Lossless Render File
+3D OBJ file
+100% Unlock Rate for All Future CyberRide Releases
+CyberRiders Club Membership
Designed for the Metaverse:
CyberRide is designed to be accessible across different platforms and experiences in the Metaverse. Interoperability is built into CyberRide from day one.
We imagine the ideal flow would be the digital item (including the 3D file, attribute data, script, etc.) to be available at your fingertip when you log in with your wallet, similar to the experience in Ready Player One.
Although the ideal flow is not yet a reality, we successfully imported and test-drove CyberRide in various platforms and worlds.
Check out how they look in some of your favorite Metaverse worlds and open-world games.
The Sandbox:
Interacting With Meebits:
Interacting With CyberKongz VX:
What does this raffle get me?
This raffle will provide you a chance to win an allowlist spot for CyberRide mint. Allowlist sale will happen before public sale.
Where can I learn more details about CyberRide?
Official Website:

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