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Crypto Alien Society (CAS) image
Crypto Alien Society (CAS) image

Crypto Alien Society (CAS)

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About Crypto Alien Society (CAS)

A digital art collection of 8,888 randomly programmatically generated unique pixel Aliens with over 120 individual traits, exploring the Ethereum blockchain and giving back to its community and humanity at large. Crypto Alien Society (“CAS”) is a special task force of 8,888 unique Aliens hailing from alternate dimensions. The mission is to explore all realms of the Ethereum Blockchain for the purpose of researching the NFT space. Research will be conducted following the abduction (floor sweep) of specifically chosen NFT projects. Upon concluding research, the selected NFTs will be sold and released back to the Ethereum blockchain (increasing funds in the community wallet), or transferred to members of the CAS community via Airdrops. The CAS also supports humanity, and through its research mission will donate to Earth organizations (as voted for by CAS members) while expanding its community across the greater Metaverse.

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