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Creepy Clown Club – Official image
Creepy Clown Club – Official image

Creepy Clown Club – Official

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About Creepy Clown Club – Official

Creepy Clowns active club
When you buy a Clown, you’re not simply buying an avatar or pfp.
Our rare art is your membership access to our club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your clown will serve as your digital identity and will give you creepy respect in the NFT world.
We start as a clown club continue to clown city and then the clown world….
Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a mysterious place called CREEPYVILLE…the home of the creepy clowns!!
The creepy clowns are 3,000 individuals who love mischief and Shenanigans as much as all psychotic clowns in the mystic clown-verse.
They work together, play together, and basically do everything together in a very creepy way ?
It all started when a few clowns were deported from their village and hunted by their community.
The clowns who felt the hate and loneliness on their flesh said no more! No creepy clown will ever feel like that again.
They have decided to build their own village called Creepyville for all the misfits and the lonely clowns who haven’t found their place in the world.
From the outside, you might think it’s a common place for ordinary people, but it’s not; LOL, it’s Creepyville, where the creepy clown thrives, and everything can happen.
Today Creepyville is a safe and thriving place that accepts only those who are creepy enough and feels misfit or lonely. But there are so many more out there… spread the word and help us unite them.
Soon you guys will get the chance to be a part of us by adopting a creepy clown and settling him in Creepyville. Don’t overthink, or you will lose your spot.

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