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Coolrats NFT image
Coolrats NFT image

Coolrats NFT

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About Coolrats NFT

Cool Rats NFT Collection Whitepaper and Roadmap.

Welcome to the Cool Rats NFT Collection – a digital art venture featuring 4000 unique rats, each a canvas of individuality and style.

I. Vision and Purpose:
Cool Rats seeks to revolutionize digital art by infusing character and flair into every rat, creating an exclusive collection for art enthusiasts and collectors.

II. Tokenomics:
– Total Supply: 4000 Cool Rats NFTs
– Rarity Levels: Unique rat designs with varying rarity levels.
– Distribution: Smart contract-based distribution to ensure fairness.

Cool Rats NFT Collection Roadmap

Phase 1: Branding and Collection Creation (Q2 2023)

Establish the Cool Rats brand identity, ensuring a unique and recognizable presence.
Collaborate with skilled artists to create distinctive rat designs that capture individuality and style.
Develop and deploy the smart contract for NFT creation, laying the foundation for the collection.
Phase 2: Community Building (Q3 2023)

Launch and actively manage the official Cool Rats Twitter account @Coolratsv1.
Engage the community through regular updates, giveaways, and interactive content on Twitter.
Foster community growth and interaction on the chosen social media platform.
Phase 3: Sales Plan (Q4 2023)

a) Initiate the sale of all NFT items on December 4th, 2023, commencing at the floor price of 0.00050 ETH.
b) Following the sale, reward holders of 5 NFTs or more by whitelisting them.
c) Extend exclusive benefits to whitelisted holders, offering a 10-item airdrop in the upcoming collection, featuring over 10,000 items.
d) Eliminate the concern of gas fees for whitelisted holders during the airdrop reception.
Phase 4: Item Reveal (Q1 2024)

Host an engaging and interactive reveal event on Twitter, showcasing the unique design and personalities of each Cool Rat.
Unveil the stories behind each rat through Twitter content, adding depth to the collection.
Encourage community engagement by inviting users to share their favorite rats and experiences.
IV. Future Developments:

Explore potential partnerships with other NFT projects to enhance collaborative opportunities.
Consider expansion opportunities, including virtual exhibitions and integrations into emerging metaverse platforms.
Continuously seek and value community feedback through polls and discussions on Twitter.
Join Cool Rats NFT Collection on Twitter @Coolratsv1, and let’s redefine cool together!

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