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Companions NFT image
Companions NFT image

Companions NFT

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About Companions NFT

The Companions are the next NFTs being released by The SolaVerse, they are an essential part of the upcoming metaverse and Play2Earn games coming out this year. Owning a Companion will grant you access to the alpha version of Project Dawn! In addition, Companions are packed with many utilities that you can take advantage of in the future! 

The SolaVerse currently consists of the SOLA-STARS (which you can buy from OpenSea) and the Companions will be minting in February. We also have many more amazing NFTs on the way like the SOLA-PLANETS and LAND… In Space! 

Oh and the $SOLA Token will be released soon!

Project Dawn… Is the code name of the Free to play, Play to Earn game. A base building-spaceship fighting game which will utilise NFTs! And this is not the only game that will be released by The SolaVerse! In the future there will also be a marketplace that will have many other NFTs to Buy and Sell, such as Spaceships and skins with ZERO gas fees!

– The Companions will also compete in a top secret Blockchain Game. No details will be released until after the mint.

– At 1k ETH trade volume, 1 lucky Companion will win $50,000

– 50% of mint will be donated to charity

– The NFT owners will hold commercial rights to their Companions

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