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CTC Final Raffle image
CTC Final Raffle image

CTC Final Raffle

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About CTC Final Raffle

Catch The Culprit™ is the first NFT empowered by detective based ARG game.
When you mint your NFT, you catch a suspect to be later identified as the culprit. The process to determine the culprit will be using ARG, a game that augments real life situations. You will need to combine all your various skillsets to help you narrowing the suspects until you “catch the culprit”!
There will be 8,748 NFT as suspects and each day, an ARG will narrow those suspects until we have the culprit. If you are holding the culprit NFT at the end of CTC ARG game, you will be rewarded a 1/1 Detective badge to continue your journey as our Genesis Detective!
Catch The Culprit and be the first Web3 Detective!

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