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Atlas of Artificial Illness image

Atlas of Artificial Illness

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About Atlas of Artificial Illness

The Atlas of Artificial Illness is a unique project lying at the intersection of medicine, artificial intelligence, and NFTs โ€“ and the first of its kind. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine/deep learning (ML) are beginning to revolutionize modern medical practice. These modalities represent a powerful diagnostic tool for physicians that can elucidate patterns of disease with staggering accuracy, particularly with image analysis. Images of patient pathology can be presented to AI/ML systems, returning accurate diagnoses validated by physicians.
What about attempting the opposite? What is the image produced by AI/ML when a diagnosis is used as the input for an algorithm? What is the non-human visual expression of human pathology?
This project seeks to explore the human experience of disease as viewed from the lens of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Each token is a 1/1 created using an image prompt consisting of a singular pathology, cardinal patient symptoms, and corresponding ICD-10 codes. One output image was randomly selected, then re-rolled at least 5 times until a compelling image was selected.
Multiple volumes of the Atlas will be released. Holding a token from Volume 1 will grant whitelist and free mint for Volume 2.
Volume 1: Phobia
-100 tokens
-Free mint
-30 whitelist spots
Volume 2: General Pathology
Volume 3: Microbiology, Virology and Parasitology
20% of all project earnings will be donated to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)
Created by R. Kashani MD

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