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AngryCat Clash of Gods image
AngryCat Clash of Gods image

AngryCat Clash of Gods

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About AngryCat Clash of Gods

Angry Cat — Clash of Gods is the first-ever mass collaborative project in Web 3. It is divided into “Regular Edition” and “VIP Customized Edition”. The project will issue a total of about 2000–3000 NFTs (the specific number depends on the final approval rate of all derivatives). This project is a very adventurous social experiment and innovation, and it is also an opportunity created by Angry Cat to encourage artists from all fields and industries to participate in the issuance of NFT projects in Web3. Regardless of whether one holds Angry Cat, there is a chance to obtain whitelist and participate in the drawing and co-creation of Clash of Gods, and obtain the series of NFTs through free mint.
Category Standards
1 Star ⭐️
No background decoration, simple elements
2 Star ⭐️⭐️
No background decoration, creative elements
3 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Additional background decoration, creative and fancy elements

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