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Acrocalypse NFT image
Acrocalypse NFT image

Acrocalypse NFT

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About Acrocalypse NFT

Acrocalypse is an NFT collectible featuring 10,420 space racing crocs turned warrior.  Assemble your croc(s) by owning it’s NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Doing so will grant you a spot in the galaxy’s first line of defence.  

Acrocalypse is our most ambitious mission yet, the beginning of a next-generation ecosystem for our community of galactic crocs.  Our goal is to continue to rapidly build the premier platforms, apps and marketplace needed for $PAPER to takeover.  We are a community driven collection of 10k quality-focused, pixel avatars powered by unrivaled digital utility.  Join the crocs, fren.


  • Created by the founder of (sam witwicky)
  • Portfolio Management tool for Croc holders
  • Crocs are the key to unlocking future additions to the ecosystem
  • $PAPER token launch with gamified tokenomics
  • $PAPER rewards via claim and staking for croc holders
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